About Concert Organ International

Concert Organ International began in 1997 as a natural outgrowth of extensive concert travels by Australian organ virtuoso Thomas Heywood and his wife Simone.

The primary objective of Concert Organ International is to develop the pipe organ’s public image as an exciting concert instrument.

In fulfilling this objective, Concert Organ International aims

• to bring inspiring and memorable concert experiences to a wide cross-section of concert-goers as Thomas Heywood performs concerts of the greatest classical and romantic music

• to grow the existing audience for organ concerts as sponsors are provided with profitable pipe organ events

• to introduce people of all ages to the thrill and wonder of the pipe organ

How Concert Organ International began in Australia... 

Concert Organ International began in 1997 after Simone Heywood suggested that churches and other venues with pipe organs would benefit from hosting exciting organ concerts aimed at a wide cross-section of concert-goers.

As Simone and Thomas Heywood are based in the Australian State of Victoria, the business began as Victoria State Organ Concerts. The concept worked so successfully that an Australia-wide demand quickly became apparent and Organ Concerts Australia was born.  

Less than five years later, the business developed into Concert Organ International covering not only management, but also recording, publishing, marketing and distribution.

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